What exactly is electronic filing or going paperless?

Electronic filing (also known as "efile" or “e-filing”) is the creation, submission, sharing, and accessing of structured digital documents or forms via the Internet.  Traditional filing involves the filing of physical paper documents, electronic filing is paperless. When taxes are submitted electronically it's referred to as "efile" whereas the electronic submission of court documents is called "e-recording" or "efiling". 

What are the benefits of efiling or e-recording?

1. Reduces cost and time to submit documents to the court not just for remote user but also local users. 

2. Open 365/24/7 to efile, collaborate and search documents. 

3. It's paperless, thus reduces processing time and the need for storage space. 

4. Provides live status reports on the life cycle of each e-recording, plus historic data mining. 

5. Reduce clutter, find everything and remember little. 

How does e-recording or efiling work on mxCourt?

1. A user (e.g. attorney, legal professional etc.) registers a free account online on the mxCourt platform. 

2. The receiving account registration court approves or rejects the account registration online. 

3. Upon account approval the user is ready to sign in and create, efile, submit, share, search approved legal instruments or documents with the registered court. 

What is required to use the mxCourt platform?

1. An approved and valid user account. 

2. An internet connection, a desktop or table device.  

3. A valid email account. (Google Chrome browser is recommended). 

Compare e-recording integration versus e-recording separation

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