About Mixnet

Mixnet is privately held and was founded in 1995 as a data conversion and document management company with offices in Blacksburg, VA, Fairfax, VA and Germany. With the growth of the Internet in 1996, Mixnet developed customized web-based applications for the government, courts, and consumers. In 1998, Mixnet was the first vendor in the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide a web-based instrument and image software application mxCourt — for remote access to Circuit Courts.

Mixnet has scanned and converted various document library deposits (e.g. circuit courts, medical research, European Union library in Luxembourg etc.) into online digital search and retrieval applications via the Mixnet mxCourt software. The mxCourt application is growing daily and is hosting over 1 million documents that can be searched and accessed online via subscription and transaction based services.

The Mixnet mxPermit solution, is a cloud based application for permit departments. mxPermit enables permit offices to manage permits completely paperless, from online permit applications to permit management, setback requirements, inspections, and approval including electronic signatures. Mixnet also integrated the mxCourt court application with the permit application and the property tax assessment application. mxPermit enables medium to small permit departments to accept permit applications online and to manage them from review to online signature to approval without having to invest in computer hardware or software. Just like all Mixnet applications, mxCourt and mxPermit are hosted and managed in the Mixnet data center. mxPermit is a purely transaction based permit solution, and fees only apply when permits are being processed. Mixnet also participated in Virginia state sponsored electronic signature workgroup. An electronic signature feature is integrated with the online mxPermit software.

Starting in 2003, Mixnet has provided an online tax preparation and e-file platform that enables tax payers to electronically self prepare and file or efile their federal and state taxes return through the self preparation tax platform. Mixnet is working with various partners to comply with the standards set by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and the participating state tax agencies. Security, accuracy, and speed are essential for this valuable application.

In 2013 Mixnet  expanded the existing mxCourt court document, efile, index, remote access and backfile integration application into a paperless SaaS court application. The upgraded mxCourt version is completely paperless and enables circuit courts and others to manage all court related documents. mxCourt allows legal professionals, land record title researchers etc. to efile court documents and instruments via the mxCourt SaaS computing application. Indexing and document sharing is all done online and the court offices only need internet access and a browser to manage all court instruments. Just like with mxPermit, no software or hardware investment is required by the participating court since fees only apply when court documents are efiled. 

In 2016 Mixnet introduced the online collaboration for the List of Allowances or Form DC-40 to the mxCourt platform, and subsequently in 2017 Court Case Management and Law Practice Management was added. 

Mixnet Offices are in Blacksburg, VA, Fairfax, VA and Germany: Contact