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Court Notifications by mxCourt

The Court Notification feature in mxCourt allows you to receive email notifications as soon as an instrument – e.g., Land Record or Wills and Fiduciaries - document was recorded that matches your search criteria..

Currently, the Court Notification subscription is available to new accounts who ONLY subscribe for Court Notifications and not to other subscription plans. If you already have a mxCourt subscription and want to add Court Notification, please subscribe using a different email address than your current or existing subscription email address. We are planning to add the Court Notification feature to other subscription plans in the future. Once you have registered and subscribed to a Court Notification subscription plan, you can either select:

  • The Land Record Instrument Group: enter a parcel ID from Wise County, VA or the City of Norton, VA. As soon as there is a matching recording for this parcel ID, you will receive an email notification about this recording.
  • The Wills and Fiduciaries Instrument Group: enter a first and last name. Please be aware that only matching names will result in a Court notification; a slight change in the name spelling will not generate a Court Notification.
  • The Judgement Instrument Group

Through the Court Notification settings from your My Account, you can set notifications active or inactive or edit current notification search criteria: Details

The monthly subscription fee is $3.00; the yearly payment is $33.00 payable by credit card. The subscription can be renewed from inside the account.


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