List of Allowances

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List of Allowances

mxCourt for Circuit Court Offices in Virginia

As a Court Office, Attorney, Professional or Citizen register for free online and start creating, sharing, recording/e-recording, accessing the following instruments and documents:

  • Land Records 
  • Judgments 
  • Wills and Fiduciaries 
  • Financing Statements 
  • General Miscellaneous 
  • Marriage Licenses
  • List of Allowances
  • Court Notifications

Detailed overview of mxCourt Features and how they compare to other Circuit Court Management Applicatioins.

Why mxCourt for Circuit Court Offices?

This site was truly amazing and so nice to work in. Very user friendly. I wish all Counties would switch.

L. E. in Richmond

1. One application for indexing, e-recording for all instruments and List of Allowances
2. No budget for upfront investment in hardware/software required
3. Integrated e-recording feature for all instruments, thus no third parties (e.g. Simplifile, CSC etc.) required
4. Walk in users are treated the same way as online or e-recording users
5. Integration with the Supreme Court of Virginia Financial Management System (FMS) 
6. Remote or local backfile conversion integration feature
7. Remote access to all current/historic indices, plat maps, marriage/death certificates etc. 
8. Integration with other local offices: Commissioner of Revenue, GIS, Permit Dept. etc. 
9. Citizen friendly, transaction based: Fees only apply if there are transactions 
10. Build by and for Virginia's Circuit Courts to be fully integrated and affordable

If you want to montior or be notified when certain Parcel IDs or Names receive a recording sign up for Court Notifications.

Compare e-recording solutions. Why some are all about separation and others integration.  

Are you a Virginia Circuit Court and would like to operate your office via the mxCourt platform? If so, contact Mixnet now so we can schedule an office visit and provide a free demo to you. 

Are you a Professional, Bank, Mortgage Company, or Citizen in any of the jurisdictions listed below and would like to efile Land Records, Judgments, Wills and Fiduciaries, Financing Statements, General Miscellaneous, or Marriage Licenses?  

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