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Mixware: Content, Contact, Communication

Content Management and Help Desk Applications have become too complicated. In addition, they don't talk to each other. Therefore, we have developed Mixware for the management of our own websites. Now, after more than 10 years, we are ready to share the results with you.

Mixware has two cloud based components:

  • Web Content
  • Communication (Client Help Desk, Visitor Engagement)

Site visitors, clients, and support/contact requests get channeled into a client's Personal Support Page by a unique email address that does not require site registration or account management. 

Do you operate or manage a medium/large content driven website and need to support web site visitors or application subscribers?

The Mixware Content Management Application (CMA) makes writing and publishing digital content for and to the web simple for non-technical content developers.

Do you publish content in the finance, non-profit, legal, health, sports, or government space with content created by a wide range of editors? 

Once you have decided on your templates for your web content, you are ready to create, review, and publish your web content or message.

Content, Help Desk Features

- Role based content user management

- Secure remote web based access

- SEO friendly link creation, management

- Content grouping by categories

- Integration with application development type content

- Primary link, secondary link navigation management tool

- Image, PDF document storage and management tool

- Integrated site search application with content exclusion option

- Content keyword search and content auto-reply feature

- Single page or global site tracking code management tool

- Web page or site template management

- Miscellaneous application or site file management

- Content status reporting

- Search display content history

- Page update, due date manager

- Global page note sharing, private content page notes

- Page link, inter connectivity report 

- Page Meta Data editor

- Website global or page specific messaging

- Website global or page specific chat

- Single, visitor/client, contact, help desk, communications channel

- Multiple URL contact, support pages

- Personal client support and communications Page

- Client and support agent matching

- Email subscription, search and unsubscribe feature

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