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More and more federal, state and local governments in the United States enable electronically filing of taxes by individuals and businesses.

Three reasons why efiling has become more popular are:

  • Cost savings for governments,
  • Convenience for all participants
  • Data accuracy and error checking.

These three elements are essential in order for online tax preparation software to be successful and reliable to the user.

Though a user would like to prepare and file their federal and state returns with a well-known, qualified tax preparation website, he or she cannot or does not want to pay more than they can afford. Therefore, Mixnet, along with our partners, has developed a technical platform for Self-Preparers complete and file their tax returns electronically.

Taxpayers as self preparers prepare their federal and state tax returns online. Once they complete their returns, they can e-file them to the IRS and their state tax agencies. If they cannot or prefer not the efile their returns, the software allows them to print out their returns and mail them to the appropriate tax agencies.

After taxpayers create a free account, they enter their tax data by answering easy to understand tax questions. Based on the data entered, the correct tax form(s) will be generated for the taxpayer to review and either electronically file or print out and send to the IRS or state tax agency. The software complies with all the latest tax laws, while it checks for automatic errors, accuracy, and omissions.

When you prepare and file your tax return through the tax preparation platform, the software will make sure that your return is submitted to and accepted by the IRS (or state tax agency) on time.

Once a tax return is efiled, the user will receive a status report online as to whether the return has been accepted or whether technical errors have been detected. In the case of errors, the software directs the taxpayer as to what corrections must be made in order for the return to be accepted by the IRS or state tax agency. The taxpayer can make the corrections online and resubmit the return, and this can be done until the return is accepted.

Once a federal or state tax return has been accepted, the user will receive a filing status notification online. Throughout the year, the taxpayer has access to the accepted tax return online so it can either be reviewed or printed out again.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Mixnet Tax Preparation platform?

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Receive Online Support and Help while preparing a tax return
  • Many online refund options available
  • Automatic error, accuracy, and omissions checking help ensure that a correct and most taxpayer advantageous return is filed
  • Online return status reporting
  • Ability to correct and resubmit a tax return online
  • Ability to access the return throughout the current tax season and the following tax season

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