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Mixware: Content Management For Website Publishing

Do you publish content in the finance, non-profit, legal, health, sports, or government space with content created by a wide range of editors? Mixware may be the right content management tool for you.

Mixware is a cloud based content management and web site visitor/client help desk application. The Mixware Content Management Application (CMA) has been in production for over 10 years. Writing and publishing digital content for and to the web requires a different tool set than writing for other channels. Once you have decided on your templates for your web content, you are ready to create, review, and publish your content or message.

Core Mixware Features and Components

- Role based user registration and management

- Secure remote web based access

- SEO friendly link creation and management

- Content grouping by categories

- Integration with application development type content

- Primary and secondary link navigation management tool

- Image/PDF document storage and management tool

- Integrated site search application with content exclusion option

- Content keyword search and content auto-reply feature

- Single page or global site tracking code management tool

- Web page or site template management

- Miscellaneous application or site file management

- Content status reporting

- Search display content history

- Page update and due date manager

- Global page note sharing and private content page notes

- Page link, interconnectivity report 

- Page Meta Data editor

- Integration with the Mixware Support and Chat Application


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