Circuit Court Backfile Conversion

Are you a Virginia based circuit court office and are looking to complete backfile conversions? The mxCourt court records management platform enables you to complete backfile conversions locally or remotely. 

Do you have existing electronic indices from Cott, Logan or other vendors but have not scanned the associated hard copy documents or microfilm to electronic images and bind them to the existing indicies? 

Do you have hard copy indices that you wish to convert to electronic searchable indices and upload scanned hard copy instruments to the newly created index? 

Do you wish to make the newly converted indices and/or documents available online for remote access after a quality control process?

Is your backfile conversion limited or do you only have a certain budget per year available for backfile conversions? 

If you answer any of the above questions with yes, the Mixnet mxCourt platform is the perfect fit for you to complete your backfile conversion. 

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