List of Allowances

List of Allowances

Complete Form DC-40 Online and paperless

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List of Allowances

List of Allowances, Form DC-40 online and paperless


Attorneys, Judges and Circuit Court offices no longer need to spend valuable time to to manage and process paper based List of Allowances or Form DC-40, DC-40A (Waiver), DC-44 Form: List of Allowance-Interpreter.  

Create, Share, Approve, and Pay List of Allowances online and paperless. 

The 7 Step List of Allowance Time and Money Saving Life Cycle: 

1. Attorney/Vendor: Creates and efiles 

2. Judge or Chief Judge: Approves/Rejects  

3. Circuit, General District, Juvenile/Domestic Relations Courts: Approve/Reject  

4. Supreme Court of Virginia/OES:  Approves/Rejects

5. Attorney/Vendor: Receives Notification 

6. Department of Accounts: Views

7. Auditor of Public Accounts: Views

Are you a Virginia Circuit Court and would like to sign up to process List of Allowances? If so, Contact Mixnet now to enable your Court office to accept and process List of Allowances electronically. 

Are you an Attorney or Vendor and would like to submit a List of Allowance electronically to any of these Virginia Courts? 

Circuit Courts: 

  • Wise County/City of Norton, VA

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