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What Is DocuClix?

DocuClix is a boutique style document cloud, plus an online PDF editor that lets you share and collaborate on Form Files, Documents and PDF files via file version controlled links and not unsecured email attachments. DocuClix enables anonymous web site visitors - without registration - of any organization (government, health, commercial, non profit, etc.) and their associated web site to edit, create, complete, and sign PDF forms online, submit payments, and include index data before submitting the form online to the organization's DocuClix portal. Any organization can post Form Links on the organization's web site, email links, social media sites, etc. and later collaborate with the submitter on the online completed and saved form.

What DocuClix Can Do For You

DocuClix Features
Feature Description
1. DocuClix Editor
DocuClix is a document cloud and online editor that allows you to edit and sign PDF files online, as well as store these files on the DocuClix File Managers or to any of your favorite cloud file storage application (e.g. Google Drive, DropBox etc.). In short, if you are familiar with Adobe Acrobat® you know a little bit about what the DocuClix Editor is.
2. DocuClix Convert
Convert well known file formats to the PDF file format, or from PDF to well known file formats.
3. DocuClix Share, Collaborate
After you have completed a form, you can share this with any valid email address, or SMS address via a link and not via an attachment. The creator or originator of the form can collaborate on the same Form File version as much and as long as necessary, not only with the submitter of the Form, but also with the recipient and sub-recipients. DocuClix delivers a form review workflow.
4. DocuClix Signature
How many times have you received an attachment with a PDF form that you either needed to complete, date, or sign and send it back? With DocuClix, the form creator can just send you a link from their DocuClix portal. You click on the link, sign the form, save it, and be done. No attachments to save and no more searching for an app on your device to sign the document, before you attach it again to an email and send it back via an unsecured email platform, while your email attached PDF sits in the inbox of the recipient's email server provider. The email provider might even read your email, since their business model is based on advertisements. In some cases, users don't have a device app that enables the electronic signature and they are forced to print, sign, scan, and email the completed form.
5. DocuClix coForm
If you don't have access to a web site or manage a site in order to post a form or don't want to post a form that requires a signature or other sensitive data on a web site or social media platform, sign into DocuClix and create a coForm in the Personal File Manager. The DocuClix coForm will create a link for you which you can share with others. You might be an Association or Non-Profit and you require consent forms to be signed by your members. DocuClix lets you share one single form to your members via a link. When the recipient clicks on the link, the form can be completed, signed online, and saved to your Personal File Manager on the DocuClix portal. During the saving process, DocuClix will prompt the submitter to enter an email address, name, and optionally form notes. From there, you can continue to collaborate on this form as often and as long as it might take. You, as the owner of the Form File control the Edit and View roles plus limit the chronological accessibility for each individual file submitted. You can also send out an email or SMS request and enable a file uploaded for a time restricted period.
6. DocuClix proForm
What is the difference between coForm and proForm? With proForm available under the DocuClix Pro portal, you post a Form File link on a website that you or your Organization manages. You add a DocuClix link snippet to that link. When an anonymous web site visitor clicks on the link, the DocuClix Editor opens, and based on your role settings, you enable this user to edit - or only view - this File Form, sign it, and save it to your Pro File Manager portal. proForm also expands on the index entry features when saving the file by the submitter. You as the owner can set up index fields and either make the index fields required or optional. In addition, you can set up payment line items and collect and/or process payments. In comparison, coForm does not enable Form File links on third party web sites, nor does it expand on index entries or payment collection/processing. The DocuClix proForm Filespace feature allows the owner to manage a wide range of Form Files across multiple Domains. In addition, the owner can invite members to a Filespace.
7. DocuClix Search
DocuClix Search is divided into two sections: Public and Private Search. Public DocuClix Search lets DocuClix site visitors search for common File Forms, complete them directly with the DocuClix Editor, and share, submit them via links in emails or SMS message - not attachments. Private DocuClix Search is limited to DocuClix Pro accounts. It lets the account owner build a web site limited library that can be searched by the owner's web site visitors - excluded from or included by Google. The Form Files load into the DocuClix Editor and can be saved to the DocuClix Pro Account owner's File Manager for further processing, sharing, or collaboration. DocuClix is a boutique style, highly customizable File Collaboration and Sharing app.
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