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Does your website post PDF files for visitors and users to either read or complete and sign? pdfClix lets users read, fill out or complete and or sign documents on the same page the PDF file is posted on before the user either downloads or submits the page to your organization.

pdfClix at work.

  • Government, Business, Non-Profit: PDF Forms, applications etc. posted on a government web site can be viewed, filled out, signed and submitted from a web page to cloud based document storage solutions.
  • Medical: Are you a Doctor's or Dentist office and are asking your patients to complete forms? If so, pdfClix is for you. Manage important PDF documents and forms securely via pdfClix.
  • See a live demo of pdfClix on how federal tax forms are being displayed to complete, sign or submit.

  • Manage, host or store PDF files via DocuClix

What is required to make pdfClix work?

Any organization with or without an information technology can apply pdfClix on their website. Just contact us for details.

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