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The mxPermit management software is an excellent solution for small and medium sized organizations. The mxPermit software is built on hosted/cloud computing; this means that all you need is internet access and a web browser in order to accept and manage permits online. Furthermore, no upfront investments in hardware/software will be required by you, since mxPermit is transaction based: no permits, no fees! Fees only occur for a started permit; the fee structure is based on the number of permits and permit types. Please contact us for more pricing information.

Accept permit applications online; manage permits and inspections, electronically sign and approve permits with mxPermit.


What mxPermit Can Do For You

Online Permit Applications: Citizens and contractors can apply for a permit online or through a terminal at the county or city's permit office.

Permit Process/Management: mxPermit is a dynamic software platform that enables a permit office to process and manage zoning, building, mechanical, electrical, health, and other permits from application to inspection to approval online. With mxPermit you can integrate information from various government departments (e.g. property data, health department etc.).

Government departments can be integrated into the flow of the permit life cycle. Each department can view, add, or change according to user permissions. This integrated approach saves time and tax dollars by making more information within the government accessible to citizens and businesses.

mxPermit Features

  • Online citizen application
  • Integrates with property tax assessment database (Property ID)
  • Integrates with health department
  • Contractor database
  • Permit Case Management (integrates multiple Permits)
  • Electric Permit
  • Mechanic Permit
  • Plumbing Permit
  • Gun Permit
  • Zoning Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Health Department Permit (Septic System)
  • Electronic Signature
  • Billing/Invoice
  • Inspector scheduling
  • Integrated tax property reporting

mxPermit Benefits

How mxPermit can benefit your office:

  • mxPermit reduces the need for long papertrails from one government office to the next
  • mxPermit has an electronic signature feature that enables all participants to sign for a permit online
  • mxPermit enables inspectors to view inspection requests and other information, and to report on the status
  • mxPermit enables inspectors to view inspection requests and other information, and to report on the status of started and completed inspections


  • As a permit application the pricing for mxPermit is on a per permit basis. You only pay if you manage permits. Note: A small setup fee might apply.