Land Records and e-Recording Integration

mxCourt does not differentiate between a Land Record Management System and e-Recording. One application for local recording, remote efiling and backfile conversions.

Electronic filing, or e-recording and sharing of court documents, has many benefits for all participants, ranging from courts to attorneys to citizens. However, not all e-recording or e-filing solutions are created equally.

Compare e-recording Integration versus separation before efiling

Most Circuit Court offices in Virginia have locally installed Land Records Management - LRMS - applications from vendors like the Supreme Court of Virginia, Logan, Cott, Tyler etc. In order for these circuit court offices to add e-recording they have to contract with third party vendors like Simplifile or Corporation Service Company. When a document is e-recorded via a third party vendor it's not automatically added to the LRMS. Furthermore, the indexing standards by third party e-recording vendors is different than those of LRMS vendors. Local recording and e-recording are separated not integrated.

The Mixnet mxCourt application, is the only application that is full integrated where there is no distinction between local recording and remote e-recording. mxCourt does not distinguish between here or local and there or remote.

A one on one comparison of e-recording or efiling Integration versus Separation:


e-recording/efiling Feature Comparison Integration Separation  
e-recording users register online with the court directly, court approves online checkmark Yes No  
Online users have exact same document access as walk in users checkmark Yes No  
Users, e-recorders can search up to the minute all efiled/none efiled documents checkmark Yes No  
Extensive index data is entered, submitted by e-recording user checkmark Yes No  
Single index data entry, no duplicate data entry checkmark Yes No  
e-recorded document is in the same court queue as hard copy filed documents checkmark Yes No  
No separate import process of e-recorded documents into CRM checkmark Yes No  
Court, recording, e-recording payment process by the court during recording checkmark Yes No  
Application serves as user's document management platform including share, import checkmark Yes No  
Eliminates potential race-notice statute problems checkmark Yes No  
Enables e-recording for all instrument groups checkmark Yes No  
Does not require additional application, third party vendor relationship checkmark Yes No  
e-recording, indexing, searching, remote access all in one checkmark Yes No  
Includes e-recording of backfile documents local or remotely checkmark Yes No  
Quick, short term e-recording fix No checkmark Yes  
Efficient, easy to manage, long term e-recording solution checkmark Yes No  

Only the Mixnet mxCourt platform is fully integrated. Enjoy these benefits in your office today.  

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Are you a Professional, Bank, Mortgage Company, Citizen at any of the locations listed here and you would like to efile Land Records, Judgments, Wills and Fiduciaries, Financing Statements, General Miscellaneous and Marriage Licenses?  

Circuit Courts: 

  • Wise County/City of Norton, VA

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