Electronic Filing and Recording In Courts

Top 10 Reasons to e-record or efile

  1. Get it done right the first time.
  2. Use less space, keep a clean desk.
  3. Work anywhere, anytime.
  4. Be efficient without being busy.
  5. Be intelligently lazy (do less work and be more productive).
  6. Save trees, staples, clips, ink, toner, stamps, fuel, questions & answers.
  7. No more printer jams.
  8. Find it when you need it (not only when you don’t).
  9. Satisfy your curiosity and yield to the temptation to efile.
  10. Embrace simplicity.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to e-record or e-file:

  1. Hunting for important documents adds excitement to an otherwise boring work day.
  2. Stacking papers on a desk protects it from ultraviolet radiation (plus, shuffling paper around prevents dust from piling up).
  3. Document clutter and carrying around stacks of documents magnifies your importance.
  4. Helping a confused boss or coworker to find a document will protect your job, since nobody else will find what they’re looking for.
  5. Moving heavy piles of paper keeps you in shape.
  6. If you understood what you were doing, you would be terrified.
  7. Organization kills your creativity.
  8. You don't want anyone at work to know what you do.
  9. You don't embrace simplicity and smart laziness.
  10. Murphy’s Law of Documents: When you efile a document, you'll know where it is but probably never need it. If you don't efile it, you'll be sure to need it, but never be able to find it.

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The Mixnet mxCourt platform is one solution, one platform for all Circuit Court Instruments. A detailed overview and comparison of mxCourt.

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